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Training Syllabus

Digital Marketing

Become a digitally savvy professional today. Its' subject complexities has been simplified for easy understanding and practical application.

Managing Key Accounts

Become a successful sales professional that is client-centric and a problem-solver

B2B Negotiation

Be equipped with the art of corporate negotiation to create a winning partnership between vendor and supplier

Business Communication Skills

Become an excellent business communicator with strong EQ. Good relations among members of a business are critical for success. Good communication skills are an important element for the development of good relationships.

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With our bespoke training courses, our Principal Trainer, David Ho research and curate insights from our Knowledge Partners - Monash University, University of Liverpool and Rochester Institute of Technology. We present and articulate the knowledge in the most simplified form and make it applicable in the participants' day-to-day well. We use both F2F and blended learning approach for a conducive and engaging learning environment.

The Advantages of Bespoke Training Courses


It's a familiar scenario for many businesses and organizations. There’s a specific skill, task or technique that your team needs to develop, or is required to do, but there’s no one in the organisation who can train them. So what do you do?

Putting your team through training is always about improving their knowledge and skills, but everyone learns differently, employees can have diverse and varied skill sets, and if it’s an obscure or highly specialised skill or task, a traditional training course may not be the most effective option. This is where bespoke trainings come in.

Bespoke trainings are trainings which are tailor-made specifically to fit the needs of any organisation or company, according to their needs.

Having a training course which has been uniquely developed to fit the requirements and structure of your business or organisation is an invaluable resource for your employees. Due to the fact that the training has been designed for your company, it’s actually quite cost efficient, as it saves money that otherwise would be spent on travel and accommodation, not to mention the time and effort that would go into designing and conducting an in-house training course yourself.

Additionally, a bespoke training helps you prioritise the skills and areas which needs to be addressed within the context of your business.

We have learnt a great deal about what makes for a successful training session. Here are “the key ingredients”;

  1. Interaction and debate
  2. Inspiring examples and case studies
  3. Useful tools and techniques
  4. Tailored to the needs of the company
  5. Constant appraisal and improvement
  6. Unbiased advice

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